Getting old is overrated.

lately i've been busy with some seminar stuff that i have to attend. frankly even though i didn't spent all of my time preparing it, i still lock myself in my dorm room just to "get busy". this cost me not meeting my friends too often. and i haven;t seen all of them in about two or three weeks.

last Monday i got a shock. somebody was actually dismissed themselves from the rest of us. without reason. i chuckled to this because i witness how they tried to hide and took a detour to get to classes just so they won't see us face-to-face. little birdie told us that they avoid us because they're offended and decided just to canceled all their classes so they don't have to see us. mind you, the classes took us 8.5 million rupiah and they want to cancel all those without the money being returned just to AVOID certain people that made them uncomfortable. 

i personally just want to bang their door and ask straightly "do you have a personal problem with me? because believe me, i haven't seen you in three weeks and you treated my like shit all the sudden." but with these people, confrontation only would bring a catastrophe. so i realized no matter how old you are, if you think you're this little kid who need attention, you'll always be that kid that trapped in that big body. 


Bye Bye Youth

my best friend's getting married!! and honestly, i'm happy for him because he married one awesome lady (the one that got my true blessing). wedding picture will come later.

to Adnan and Mila,
although you  two look so tense in the "vow" part, it's passed and we can have the wedding party soon.
Have a long and happy life together, mate!