so after one whole year..

A cute guy in a black sx4.
A handsome guy at Aksara book store.
A decent guy in a black honda jazz.

yep, I'm in that phase.. finally..
I'm glad and sad at the same time..
glad. finally i get over my fear..
sad. really, nobody i know was one of the guys i said above..


nederlandse taal leren en uur elke dag

and this is how we learn!!


Percy Jakson and the lightning thief movie review

I just watched “percy Jackson and the lightning thief” with my brother this afternoon. And as I promised, I will give the review.

As someone who read the book at the fitst place, maybe I shouldn’t make any kind of judgement (knowing that every movie based on books always end up disappointing) but still I can’t stop my self not to.

i did make a list of the differences between the movie and the book, but i got tired along the way (too much to mention, believe me, it's like i could almost write my own novel), so i'll just make some pointers of what's wrong:

  1. the kids supposed to be 12.
  2. luke has a scar on his face
  3. they all didn't know that percy was poseidon's son until after "capture the flag" game
  4. they didn't ran away, they got a prophecy from the oracle to go west.
  5. the quest wasn't about finding all marbles, but they must take the road because zeus will be so mad if his rival's son traveling by plane--his territory.
  6. Ares, the god of war. has the most important role, yet he's not in the movie.
  7. Hades is not the bad guy. hades lost his Helm of darkness too. Hades is always be the god of the dead and of course he's bitter about his role in the underworld and want to be on mount olympus instead of hell. but he's not the bad guy in this story.
  8. Ares's the bad guy!!

and I try to leave alone the appearance facts about how Annabeth supposed to be blond--come on, Annabeth on the movie is very beautiful, but they can at least dye her hair blond! Percy supposed to look like a boy who's been bullied a lot--not the much better-cuter version of Zac Effron--and Grover has brown hair and white skin(no offense, they just have to stick to the character in the book)..

I bit my tongue the whole movie tried so hard not to protest about one single thing!!! This movie gave me a hard time about it. Harry Potter Movies seems to be in the right order of its books compare to this movie.


i stole it from ajeng's blog

i got this from my cousin's blog. I like the version that she changed. hahaha (yeah, i'm a bitch, whatever!)

"why put him on your wishlist while he puts you on his junkyard, why put him on your dream while he puts you on his nightmare, why put him on your future while he thinks you'll be his past-life? why put him on your priority while you're just an option?"

And i want to make it fair for us.. :)

"why put her on your wishlist while she puts you on his junkyard, why put her on your dream while she puts you on her nightmare, why put her on your future while she thinks you'll be her past-life? why put her on your priority while you're just an option?"

creepy morning routines

103 days left.

I opened my creepy "message from god" today, it says:

All is going according to plan. Trust that there is a bigger picture. Trust that life is unfolding as it should.

I hope sooo...


it's my 24th day at work..

two days ago my cousin Maya finally arrived at Jakarta (she traveled around Bali and Jogja for almost three weeks). i took her to PIM to had sushi, and she said she hasn't had Bintang beer in Bali so i let her try one too. too bad she had to go back to Canada the next day.

i hope next time either i go there or she goes here, i can take my other cousin Ajeng together.. it'll be fun i think..


saturday, 13th february '10

I had nothing to do, so i decided to look through my old movie collections, and i found "a walk to remember". I remember how hard i cried when i first saw the movie. i was around 14 years old by that time. As today I re-watched it, I didn't cry, but I realized about something else,

yep, this was what i realized about.


Last night, i got a revelation..

I could hate somebody that much
I don't want to see his face ever again.
I shiver even just to think about him.
The thought of seeing him makes me want to hurt him even more.
Simply just because I hate him.

I also could love somebody that much
I'm happy just to be his best friend
and feel comfortable enough whenever I'm near him.
the thoughts of seeing him makes me smile
simply just because he's the best-est friend I could ever ask.


i must admit

i am a workaholic.
i'm addicted to dead lines.
i love being under preassure.
i love the rush.

damn! i'm a workaholic.


weekly countdown

16 days i've been coming here.
3 weeks have passed.
171 more days to go.
18 weeks to count.
gallons of tears have been shed, and there'll be more.

help me, God. Please..


out of ordinary

i never, NEVER draw. i always think my drawing are that rubbish i never wanted to try to draw some line. but today, my system broke down. i'm sleepy(didn't get a good sleep last night), i'm tired(mentally), i'm angry (duh!). and drawing suddenlly became something FUN. i can't believe it, drawing is fun (don't judge my drawing!!!)