new nest

i'm a student again! i don't know my exact emotion right now (either "yeay!" or "meh") but i'm quite happy with the fact that i get to live alone again. this room is too big for me alone, so boy, yu, if you guys wanna invade me, come. please do.. 

anyway it's a girls only kosan . that bothers me, a bit. (no alcohol and smoking allowed also-- but rules are made to be broken, right?!)


Can't a girl has a Dream,

Without her own mother chrushing it into shreded pieces?


so last year

i mumbled over the same thing that i  mumbled a year ago, to the same friend i forced to come and see me stat because it was an emergency. still same opposition, still same talk and avoidance. apparently i think i grew up a little. i didn't fall apart like i did. i held my head up and do what i believe best for me. it's a very little step but i think i deserve a pat in the back. 


simple yet so big

i haven't had any contacts with him for a while since he lost my number and my phone broke. out of nowhere i just contacted him, and he said the night before he tried any way possible to contact me. i have kontak batin with him i guess. 
so happy to finally have a dinner with our specials and even happier because i think the 4 of us could get along. thanks for dinner, buddy. and yes, i think i'll keep this one, so give us your blessing like i gave mine to yours.