IKEA showroom??

The messy "workstation" but still comfy somehow

"Coffee corner" or "reading corner" or just corner, i usually eat here while i watch TV

My bed, GOD! i love it

everyone who's been into my 'kosan' room would always say "anjing! showroom IKEA" and yep, i'm proud of it. this room is even better than my own room back at home (since my mom uses it for a study room and she puts all my brother's books inside of it, my old room looks more like a library instead of a sleeping room now)

I decided to post the pictures of my rooms (yes, i'm too proud of it, whatever!) since i just cleaned it up. enjoy~~


azenkeren said...

i'm gonna say "ANJRIT" wakwkakaa....
keren mampus litt!!!!

A Little Bamboo Room said...

ayo jeng maen ke bandung trus nginep di kosan gue.. hehehe