tuhan Suka Bercanda #8

1. my manager gave me and my office mate this book, to learn how to "communicate" with people better..

2. This is the "first aid kit" in my office. if you read the notes that comes along with it, describing the purpose of the kit, you'll understand why it's in 'tuhan suka becanda' tag.*

3. the best rule i've ever seen

*sasaran p3k: menyelamatkan nyawa: aim of the first aid kit: to save life--in this term, it means to save life from a near-death experience. while what's available in that box is only stuff for headache and "masuk angin"

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Claude C Kenni said...

Wow, itu materi bukunya...hmmm...cukup menarik...hehehe

Penyakit utama orang kantoran memang masuk angin, Lit...