Last leisure

a new H&M store just opened in Singapore, and never in my history of shopping in H&M i had to queue before i enter the store, and queue again for almost 30 minutes to try on some pants (which i didn't do in the end) and yet another queue on the way to the cashier. And as long as i'm in there, i heard a lot of Indonesian accent. later i knew that it's still holiday for the private school students.

my dad went berserk in IKEA, which was surprising for me, since i'm the one that usually have that kind of behavior (this time i only purchased 3 items!!). IKEA produced this halal meatballs for the moslem which taste like craps. last news is the fact that my brother had became this shopaholic boys. oh, and those mr. simple outfit turned out to be 'ultra hip' nowadays.


Claude C Kenni said...

Wow lu lagi di spore, Lit?
Kerja ato jalan2?

LITYA said...

udah pulang, jalan2 2 hari ven.. :D