good day yesterday

although my prediction of 'the road will be traffic-free' was right, turned out that the bus that operates on Saturday morning were very view, ergo, i was packed in a small bus with dozens other people and it was literally like sardines in a can.

however, i still managed to see the fun of it (since i didn't get the scary kenek i got the other day). and i don't know if i'm gonna jinx it or not, but i kinda like--leaning towards 'love'--my workplace. i like the people in it (well one particular person, i could just 'nothing' it). i learned the product knowledge yesterday, so that today i could also help just in case there are more costumer at the same time.

i went home at 4 o'clock and i got the sweetest kenek ever!! i sat right beside the driver, he and the kenek talked all the way to Ciputat in Padang-language. then the kenek turned to me and asked, "mba, ngerti ga?--dou you understand, miss?" with a very sincere smile on his face. later we chatted a bit about everyday language and stuff and yesterday was actually the first time 102 bus stopped at Ciputat (usually it's just near Ciputat) so that i didn't have to walk too far to get into my next transport--angkot.

and the angkot just pass through without ngetem!! so i got home before 6 o'clock.

*kenek : co-driver(??)
**angkot : smaller public transportation
***ngetem: waiting for passenger to fill up the public transportation until it's full

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