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kenek 102
So after three days in a row I got the same bus and the driver, today I got the different one on my way to the office. I never expect to get a seat when I’m catching the bus in the morning (it costs Rp.2000, who cares about sitting down). Well, today I got one and stand near the door because that’s where the air was, but then the kenek came to me and poked me in a most displeasing way, I thought it was just my obligation to pay the fare, but then she—yes, it’s a woman—shouted “move back!! Stop making the bus look full!” which she could say in a more decent manner. So I moved and she still poked me and everyone else to move back while there’s no more space at the back.
If that’s not annoying enough, she couldn’t stop complaining all the way. I had no idea whether she had a problem with the driver or not, but all the way she shouted “ah, ngapain narik penumpang, biarin aja supirnya yang usaha.. masa dy seenaknya.” , “biarin ga gue panggilin penumpangnya, biar ga dapet setoran.” “anjing, babi, monyet lo setan.” “ngapain mas naek angkot, enakan naek busway, dingin pake ac.” and so on..
I mean, I’m a believer that every woman was born in her own beautiful way, but this woman was demon. Obviously she’s not pretty. She didn’t have any manner. She’s not even trying to appreciate other people personal space. She didn’t look clean, well she’s a demon.

warning: not trying to be racist at all.
So there’s this CAHYADI lady in my office. At first, I didn’t know what I did wrong. I only been here for four days, and I’m trying my best to catch up with the system. Long story short, my tutor wanted to show me how to use the copy machine and we’d like to copy some documents and one of the document consists of a file in an A3 paper.
My tutor asked me to get the paper on the desk in the middle of the office, so I went. While I was getting the fucking paper, this cahyadi lady glared at me from head to toe with an expression that made me really want to punch someone. Because I still think I didn’t do anything wrong, I grabbed the paper and went back to my tutor. Suddenly I had this question in my head, “mba, do we have to write somewhere if we take a PIECE of paper?” then my tutor smiled and said “someone was being mean to you wasn’t it?” and I nodded.
Apparently, we do have to write somewhere if we want to take a piece of paper, especially if the paper only belongs to a significant someone.
Yesterday I have encountered some awkwardness with the very person, I asked to borrow a measure tape, and she looked up from her table, looked at me from head to toe, and said “Mana gw tau meteran gw dimana. Meteran gw ilang. Dipinjem ga dibalikin.” And she said that as if it was my fault that she lost the measure.
Yeah, so without trying to be racist at all, now I’m in the “sales” shoes,, and I remember in my old office everybody almost hate the sales person. Should just take it all in with a smile and silent curse to that lady(?)

The rules I posted before, turned out i have to memorized it, as in one day, my GM will come and ask me the content of the rules given.

However, I still like what I’m doing.. it's different from my everyday world and also different from the office i did an internship with, and i like it here. I like the people in ‘sales group’.. and I’m here to learn, so I should just wish for the best.

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Wew, di kantoran memang suka ada yg kayak gitu lit...sabar aja ya...