No 'deadline' today

Happy Lebaran everyone!! one stupidity from my country's government, made all muslims in our country celebrate Ied Mubarak today, instead of yesterday like the rest of the world.

It's a tradition to visit our elders during this celebration, but since all elders in my family had passed, and my father is on duty, we decided to stay at home until Saturday, then visit some Aunts in Bogor. The good thing of not meeting the elders are the happy sensation of not being asked these questions "mana pacarnya? udah lulus? kerja dimana? kapan kawin?" (where's your boyfriend? have you graduated yet? what do you do now? when are you getting married?) later today i heard from my friend who's a newlywed being asked "kapan nih ngasih momongan?" (when will you get pregnant?) --> and she was frustated when everything in our life really is about that fucking deadline. (i wonder what's the next annoying question after those newlyweds have kids)

anyways, I spent almost all my time to be actively online lately (while i still have some free time, before 12th of September) and i stumbled on some stuffs that i personally think are nice.

(all images from http://www.9gag.com)

i miss friends so much!!

and Harry Potter (according to the book)

and this one's for Raffy.


Claude C Kenni said...

Walopun gua cowo, tapi keluarga bokap gua juga kerjaannya nanya2 mulu "kapan married? hajatan keluarga kita berikutnya tuh kamu"

arrrghhh...gimme a break already, hahaha

Anyway met lebaran ya Lit, mohon maap lahir dan batin =)

LITYA said...

iya keveen, makasih... :D