Kids nowadays

think that twitter is a place to do and express ANYTHING.
this is way too embarrassing when they decided to use it as a media to 'fight'. it's just lame. moreover, they think it's macho somehow, that fighting via twitter is something ultra cool. i feel like smacking their heads through a hard wall.

i'm not against twitter when it's function is to 'keep-in-touch' and share your knowledge and other useful stuff like that. but when it comes to 'look-at-me, see-what-happen-to-me,me-me,me-the-world-is-all-about-me' and that behavior followed by minute-by-minute posts that actually kinda make me wonder "do you even sleep at night?" it think it's too much.

nope, scratch that, 'too much' wont even describe how overrated it is.


Claude C Kenni said...

Wew, ribut di twitter sampe ngomongin hal kayak gitu...btw cowonya loser abis...

kentutbaja said...

where the fuck did you find this garbage?
gila, things like this that make me weep for my generation.EPIC.