After more than two months

Finally the three of us could meet face-to-face, altogether at the same place and time.
the ridiculous thing was, we all lived in the same city for the past 5 years, and we almost see each other EVERYDAY. Never in our history we wore a similar theme of outfits. Yes, sometimes we had same color, or same way to put out tops and bottoms together, but never the same color, theme, pattern, and so on.

Well, yesterday i met Ayu at Gandaria City and saw her dressed up in her red flannel. We both laughed and decided to sms Boi to tell her not to wear anything red. She replied "too late". then Ayu and I wondered wether she has any red flannel at all, and we came to a conclusion 'no, her flannel outfit are dark colored'.

We waited at Basilico until Boi showed up. She showed up with her red-checkered(plaid?)-flannel.

Here's the thing, three of us rarely wear the outfit we wore yesterday. Red wasn't really our color (Ayu's yellow, or anything bright or grey, Boi's black, green or blue, I'm brown, white or anything bright) so to saw each other in that same color, same pattern, same fabric was very embarrassing. we felt like we're on a stupid study tour to a mall.

Nevertheless, i'm happy we met and spent stupid night at Ayu's Bude apartment. It's been a while since we had a sleep over, and last night was fun. I went to bed with a soar throat because we laughed all night. till next sleep over~~~

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