i miss

doing what i'm doing at this very moment (a whole day of nothing-to-do-ness--if that's even a word) and browse stuff that makes me tearing up right now because i realized how much i've missed my old days. growing up sure is a pain in the ass, but i'm having fun doing it. it'll worth something years from now, i'm sure of that. but still, a day off from it all and stuck browsing in front of computer, downloading all series i've been missing for a few weeks sure is ultra fun.


Claude C Kenni said...

Setuju, gua semester akhir dan gua mulai merasakan betapa berharganya weekend itu...>_<

LITYA said...

iyaaaaaaaa.... weekend itu penting bgt!! TTOTT (or in my case, HARI LIBUR itu penting banget)