Master Degree

i always like studying--not that i'm a type of nerdy student-- it's just i like knowing new things and i love being haunt by deadlines (aren't we all love pushing everything through the deadlines?) but, being here doing all the paper works sometimes can be overwhelming. when i was in my bachelor class every take home test means "i can do it today because after all what i need to do was just repeating what the lecturers said and put it all together" in master class it's a whole different story.

take home test means we must do some research to put everything together. i can do it the way i did in bachelor class of course but then i wont get the passing grade needed. when all the tasks is to analyze and annotate from every source i can get, the test is almost impossible to be done in a day--or two. and it's impossible to rely only on popular source such as internet. the effect for me, now i have some books that i have to read, otherwise i'll sound stupid whenever i do the "homework" that always have to consist at least 4 pages of analytical review. 

anyway, to reach my goal in life, i must pass this part. so to all who apply in master class just to avoid working, i'll suggest you to think twice. i want to teach, therefore it's a must to do a master class (or even doctoral).

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