Day 39 - Best things Somebody Ever Said About Me/To Me

  • "I told this story to you because i know, you wont judge me, and you will still be my friend. i know that i can always trust you." -AJ
  • "I think you're cute when you're asleep, your mouth frown like a little kid." -ABP
  • "I really care about you, and I intend to prove you that." -ABP
  • "You're not fat, you're healhty." -AKR
  • "If we're 30 and both still singles, let's get married!" -APD
  • "You don't have to be that stubborn, and i know you're not always strong. but i know you will stand up, and face your problem. you're a strong kid, and I'm proud of you." -Mom
  • "Shit! you're so discipline and determined. i wish i have that skill of you." -DCH
  • "You really know what you want for your future. i learn to manage my future prospects from you." -AKT
*I'm sad when i post this. not many good things i remember people ever said about/to me. :'(

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