Day 42 - 5 Things People Don't Really Notice About Me

  1. I am insecure about myself. like a lot of girls, i think I'm fat, i think I'm not pretty, i think I'm not smart, i think I'm not lovable. thank God, i don't think with my heart all the time, so i can save my energies loathing myself.
  2. I am that sensitive. one wrong word and it can change my whole perspectives, respect, and appreciation to some people who said bad stuff about me (especially since I'm insecure about my self) such as: "hey, you look fatter." , "hey, those pimples are still there aren't they." and stuff like that until "maybe if you quit your cigs, i'll go out with you." and i hide my anger, which is worse.
  3. I can easily get overwhelmed by people kindness. even if just an old man help me to cross the street, i swear i'll pray for his happiness before i go to sleep.
  4. I'm not as strong as i look outside. so please, if you can't handle with care, at least try not to break me.
  5. i cook. i bake. i knit. i sew. i clean. Yeah, I'm so fucking girly. i love wearing dresses, so stop ask me "what's the occasion that makes you wear dresses?" BECAUSE I LOVE WEARING THE FUCKING DRESSES!!

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