Day 36 - Whatever Tickles My Fancy

I wanna share the bitter sweet of my internship experience from the start. why i would call it one of the hell on earth.
  • I spent more than a year to find a place to do it. all my friends found it easily, but it's mostly my fault, still, i hate the beginning of it.
  • when i decided to go door-to-door around Kemang, i finally got a place to do it. but asked to do it for one whole semester, still i'm thankful and do it anyway.
  • my first month at the office, i feel like a total loser. i was given such job compatible for an elementary level student--browsing.
  • got mocked by a fellow designer-ironically, he's my alma mater too. ABJ (his initial). he said i'm a disgrace to our alma mater just because i couldn't operate AutoCad in my Mac. (Mac user knows that Mac hasn't support this program yet)
  • i got some misunderstanding with the owner (whom i owe my ticket to internship, thank you so much ibu) because a fellow designer, JS spread a rumor about me saying i wanted to have a long-distance internship, which wasn't true.
  • i almost call it quit, but my parents said "once you quit when you face a problem, you'll always be a quitter. now hold your head high and face your misery. That's life." so i did.
  • i got the most selfish-whinny-intolerant-annoying-disrespectful-bitch as my tutor, and i hate her. yes, i'm done with my internship, so i can post whatever i've always wanted to post now.
  • my table removed from time to time, and at last i'm stuck with the most dreadful chair i could ever find.
  • i was supposed to re-create some sofas, according to a picture of the real sofas. I followed the measurement EXACTLY like it said on the book, the bitch whined "ko kayanya kurang lucu ya Lit. (Doesn't look that cute, don't you think, Lit?)" then i resized it to a size that she thought was cute. but then guess what? after 3 revisions, the whole size just changed--again--because what's cute for her, turned out to be uncomfortable. and my early measurement was right.
  • because of the previous point, the supplier got angry with me. he pointed out that he could only accept 3 revisions. and do you know what that bitch said? "well, tell him to understand, that's how we work here."
  • when i needed 2 autographs by my two bosses (one director, and one bitch) both of them are kinda hard to find that day. i almost come to one of their home just so i could get the autograph i needed.
  • i finally finished my internship report and asked that bitch to fill in my score. she was having a bad mood, and without further ado, she gave me BC as my final score. 5 MONTHS, 13 SOFAS. BC. now you understand why i hate her.
  • the last obstacle happened in the day i had to print the documents (today, May 19th 2010). I arrived at the print center and realized i did not bring my flash disc with me, so i had to go back to my place and take it. it's not that big of a deal actually, but if i sum it up with all my misfortune above, it made such a painful summary.
so to sum up, don't go to a place who hasn't got any experience with intern, and since she gave me BC as my final score, i worked with a BC quality. that's the slightly fair thing i can do to her. god, i hate her.

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