Day 44 - Things I Want to Learn In My Life

there are some skills that i wish i can have, and there're:
  • ballet dancing. it's just so beautiful. i used to do this when i was so little and couldn't continue because i didn't have enough time by then. if i learn this thing again, i think i'll break my neck.
  • piano. another talent that i used to have and thrown it away because i hate the private schedule that fell on Sunday on 12 o'clock. but i started to learn again 6 months ago.
  • Dutch language. okay, i'm on it. i'm still learning.
  • square dancing. i want to learn the moves, i think it's cute and i know i always envy those people in the 1800 era in the movies when i saw them do the actual thing.
  • Waltz dancing. no reason, just want to.
  • cook. Because i plan to be a ladylike mother who prepares dinner for my family--just dinner, i want to have a job, so i think preparing breakfast and lunch are kinda impossible.
  • Marketing and management. i think it's important for a designer to learn these.
  • Material engineering. same reason, it's important.

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