my five months effort

i finished my internship REPORT yesterday (no, the internship is still going on, turned out I'm not that fortunate). anyway, i wanna share my score based on my supervisor:

  • Initiative and Understanding - B
  • Design Insight - B
  • Knowledge and Job Skills - B
  • effectiveness of work -B
  • Discipline and Job Responsibility - B
  • Adjustment to Workplace - C
  • Attitude and Behavior -C
  • Hygiene and personal appearance -C

Do I have something to say about it? yes. but i'll save it for later. overall it's alright, but not quite, because i should get A for 'discipline and job responsibility' and 'effectiveness of work'. B for adjustment of work place. and i agree with the rest.

believe me, i am my worst critique, i know exactly what I'm good at and worse at. but i'll take it as a good criticism to be a better person in the future. thank you, my supervisor. (seriously, thank you. you built my character a bit somehow)

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