Somebody, please!

when someone rejected your phone call, around 2.30 am in the morning, MAYBE, they're already fell asleep because they're enjoying their new freedom!!
or, when somebody didn't reply your message written "@p@ k@>@r lit" because they're already annoyed and confused of what you're saying, MAYBE, you should just change the way you text, or just don't text at all.
so I'm sorry, if i was being rude, but i think you also must know your place and time. unless emergency, do not call somebody who's already rejected your phone call 4 times in the last 2 minutes! please, get a clue!

*somebody woke me up, and kept calling me. and i do not want to answer the phone because i do not feel like talking in my sleep. but the bastard cost me my goodnight sleep. and here i am now, posting. fucking bastard!


ayu said...

eh eh, kayanya gue tau, yg wkt itu lo ceritain ngetik sms-nya aneh itu kan ya? atau org lain lg nih?

LITYA said...

yyyaaaaakkkk!!! anda benar!!


HAHAHA.... kejam - kejam..
emang tidur tuh pling ga bisa diganggu... hahaha