Jakarta #1

first stop on my trip to jakarta, Ragunan. it's a zoo located in south jakarta region. honestly, the zoo was kinda empty (despite the fact that we got in very late and only got one hour to go round). for one thing, the primate section was thoroughly thought. they got every single kind of primate describe and caged here, but the rest such as tiger, elephant, giraffe, and so on they aren't being showed as much--which i personally think kinda let down because one of the reason i wanted to visit the zoo was to see giraffes. i went to the zoo with a good high school friend of mine, Adnan. the original plan was to visit monas actually, but the traffic was unbearable so we decided to go south instead of north. it was fun.

after that, we went to kemang to try the ambience inside this irish pub (Murphy's). MAN! IT'S SOOOO COOL!! the picture's kinda bad, but if you get inside it and feel the atmosphere first hand i think you'll like it (if you're into experiencing pub culture).

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