Panic Attack! (Massive one)

  • I need my passport on March 19th
  • i must wait for a post consists of Invitation letter from The Netherlands
  • And then apply for bla bla bla that also take some time
  • my passport will be hold in an embassy for approximately 14 work days
  • according to this year calendar, the latest time i'm taking care of this is March 2nd or otherwise my passport wont be there by the 19th (if the progress happening according to plan)
  • even if i try to take care of it after the 21st there'll be no enough time to make two visum so i really have to take care one of them before i leave for Malaysia

aaaaaaaarggggggggggggggggggggghhh!!!! why is it so hard for Indonesian to travel?!! and i really hate the fact that i have to depend on "post office" and "travel agent" for this matter. (but of course there's no way i can do it by myself) God, please help me.. help us.. pleaseeeee.... pleaseeeee.. pleeeeeeaasseeeeee...

*sorry, i just mumble here, i need to let it out in some way.

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mia said...

apply! apply! apply.......!