no class tomorrow

(pictures by Nova Ridho)

i always heard about moko since i set my foot in Bandung 6 years ago, yet i never got a chance to go there. finally Dian, Bintang, Nova and I went there tonight. it was raining, ergo slippery rocky road. the motorbike fell several times, i was in the back seat of Bintang's bike (which was a motor bebek, whilst Dian sat at the back of Nova's bike--a Bajaj Pulsar) didn't take a genius to figure out which bike had more problems climbing. Bintang even slipped in a normal "on road" road taht i consider wasn't a challenge at all. 

to get to moko "cafe" itself, we had to climb (literally, the boys told us to get down and climb ourselves to the place since they're afraid if we tag along, the bike will roll over and fall, so Dian and I climbed the 45 degrees angle slippery rocky road.)

we got there in the end, ordered ourselves some food. the instant noodle here tasted three times tastier since we're too tired and hungry. and the friend banana cheese with palm sugar crumble was champion!

till next "adventure"

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Claude C Kenni said...

Gua juga belom sempet ke sana dan ga yakin mau pake motor menghadapi the infamous 45 degrees angle slippery rocky road >_<