shut down

when a great friend of yours (the one friend you always have as your back-up plan if things don't work out) called and asked you to accompany him to pick up an engagement ring, usually your normal reaction would be this:

laugh out loud because honestly, you're just very happy for the fact the he intended to stop fooling around and be faithful to one woman only--especially when you and that woman gets along very well.

think for a while after he hung-up and said to yourself "did that just happen?"

the rest is history--quarter life crisis. (mostly because now i must find another back-up plan)

for girls like me, in around my age, with almost similar background, maybe we received wedding invitation once a week. and i'd be lying if i say "no, we don't hear the clock ticking".
no, i'm not the "let's get married right now" kinda girl, in fact, there're lot of things i want to accomplish before i decide to settle down in the end. getting married before i'm 26 was never an option for me. well, i'm still that girl. only this time i got this question inside my head--especially since one of my friend who gotten married said 'go find someone, don't be picky or you'll just get some leftovers' which drew me so close to not talk to her ever again--do you guys(the young married couples) really had to make that kind of judgement?! if that happen to you so fast does that mean that there's something wrong with the rest of us?!! for fuck's sake, for some people that's never even an option and i see them living their free life happily. does that mean they ran out of "leftovers"?!

the term "think before you speak" really does gain a whole new meaning now, isn't it?

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