tuhan Suka Bercanda #3

so, the prologue of this story is simple. i've been avoiding Korean series since all my friends are kinda addicted to them. but when you have class every other Friday and don't really have much to do, you'll start to look out for some entertainment. unfortunately, mine was the Korean series. 

i finally watch the Meteor Garden of the Korean--because i watched Meteor Garden, yes, i did when i was an unstable teenanger--and i've got to be honest, i think the Chinese did it better. 

anyway, i was staring blankly ahead when this thing appeared on my television. ever since, it's been my favorite  game to share with my friends: 

what's wrong with this picture? anyone?

a friend of mine actually thought THAT was a SHE, when the truth is that's a HE.
but that's not what i meant, no. anyone? care to comment about what's wrong with it?

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