Tuhan Suka Bercanda #1

i was standing in the line to buy my paddle pop ice cream the other Saturday. in front of me was this guy that tried to pay with his BCA flash card, but since this story happened in Cisitu area, of course the flash machine didn't work and it took a very long time for the guy to tried and failed peep-ing his card.
anyway, because of it, i had nothing to do except staring blankly ahead--fortunately i was staring at his hand.

it's tattooed on the lower left arm.

(from now on, i'm going to write this as what happened and what conversation i had in my own head.)

me: oh, he's tattooed, what's that word?
me: huh? who would carved that word to his arm permanently? 
(i tried to look closer)
me: oh, okay. he did carved that permanently, but wait, it's a phrase. what is it? "i don't give a fuck"?
(because his hand was turned in some weird way, it was hard for me to read carefully. but, there're two letters beside "fuck" so it can't be "i don't give a fuck.")
me:wait, is that "to" i see beside "fuck"??
(God answered my question. the tattoo guy turn his hand so that i can read it correctly)
me: is like to fuck.
me: what?
me: he carved THAT. permanently?!!
me: okay, that's his body and he can decide to do anything with it.
me: but no, is that a right phrase?
me: is like to fuck? (tried to translate to literal Indonesian) no no no. that still don't add up to anything.
me: is like to fuck? IS LIKE TO FUCK???!!!
(i simply couldn't do anything by then. i tried so hard not to laugh. i tried so hard not to cringe. i tried to make eye contact with Boi to get her to the cashier right then but she didn't get my signal so i had to cope with "is like to fuck" all by myself)

Good God! at least if you want to try to look like a bad boy who likes to fuck, get it right, dude! ask your friends, ask your English teacher, or the least you can do, ask the tattoo artist.

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