my day yesterday

Boi sent me sms about how the “dart board” has gone from where it’s belong, then I came outside, greeted her dad (he said I looked thinner) then I spent the rest of my noon with her. Watched her cleaning up her room and everything. But too bad she had to go back to Jakarta, because she needed another free time. (Totally understandable)

After Boi took off, I didn’t really have anything to do, I continue something that I’ve been doing since the day before: watched thi Korean series “Boys Before Flowers”. Now, don’t get me started on how ridiculous it was, although I have to admit I had a blast. The stupidity and the “GUA GANTENG and GUA IMUT”-ness of the people in it was beyond hilarious.

I had to admit (again) after 3 episodes, my nerves are starting to protest. The series are exactly what my sanest mind has always denied. So, I sms akbar told him I was bored. He said maybe if I want to come for some culinary adventure with him and some of DP 07 people, I could come.

In the end, around 8 o’clock akbar picked me up, we went to eat sate something near DU with Panjang, Akbar II, and Gilang. The guys planned to go to Moko—a place that’s high enough in Bandung so you can see the city lights—earlier (now I have some stories here about Moko, but I don’t think I can spread it here) but because it was raining, we all afraid the road will be too slippery for motor bikes.

Where to waste time then?

Panjang, who has been longing to go karaoke since the fasting month begun (but couldn’t do it thanks to some idiot rules that said karaoke places may not operate during fasting month) purpose an offer to go karaoke. The rest of us agreed. one of the most stupid karaoke session i ever had and i really had fun.

Not a bad way to stir my mind into something else. I need to do this more often—hang out with real people.

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Ayu Kurnia said...

dart boardnya dibuang ya? dibuang?? alhamdulilaaaaah!