i'll play along with You Lord

God really loves to joke about your life. Especially the weakest part of it. He allows you to dream. He makes you believe that good things will happen to you. Somehow he manages to make that dream of yours—the one that even your sanest mind believe is impossible—came true.

Then he makes jokes about it.

You can see it, but you can’t touch it don’t even bother wondering if you can have it. As if he’s trying to send this message: I am capable of doing anything, don’t ever doubt me. But yeah, no. You’re not gonna get what you want. I can’t pick a favorite human being, so I must let you suffer just like the rest of world’s population. But remember, I can make your dream come true. I didn’t say anything about you living the dream though.

It’s funny how I’m not sad or let down by this fact.

I kinda prepared for it actually since things (this particular thing) never really goes my way,

I just laughed about it. But yeah, it’s a bit shock. How he made it all as perfect as it’s supposed to be.

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