silver lining

Met the best interviewer, ever. The difference between working with our people and with their people. Their people don't postpone the decision and make the rest of our week miserable just to wait for the end result whilts they knew that we're not accepted. And they also pointed out your flaws to encourage you to do better. I wish indonesian will cut off the basa basi just to sound polite one day, it'll be a nice working world if people just honest without trying to drag someone's spirit down.

Didn't get the job though, but i learned today. Silver lining.

Anyway, i was waiting in line in a bank, when i heard two tante-tante talk about their views of life. They just met and they talked as if they've known each other for a while. I got a revelation from eavesdropping their conversation. He always works in an effective way to reach in, isn't He?

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Claude C Kenni said...

Hehehe, so campur aduk between Indonesian and English this post is, like gado-gado...

Where did u do your interview?
Good luck on finding a job, Lit! =)