my head hurts

Since last Thursday i was in Bandung. My head constantly hurting for lots of reason.

  1. Meeting counselour for 'future talk'
  2. Met a girl (or woman? Ahjumma??) and believed that tuhan suka becanda INDEED.
  3. BAd mood+PMS
  4. Graduations = 'hey, what are you doing now?? Where do you work?" conversations
  5. Owwww myyyy goooddd. I don't know how to describe this one. Contributed a lot of headache at the moment
  6. My close friend (close--nobody could seperate us during middle school-close) is getting engaged.
  7. Sm*sh's on tv as i wait for my travel home

I need my blanket, raffy and gareth, friends dvd, wine, and laying down.

1 comment:

Claude C Kenni said...

Litya, selamat ya udah wisuda. Tadinya kmrn gua mau mampir ke ITB, tapi ternyata gua harus kemping, hehehe