#19. Oslo

Finally got out of Sandvika. we bought a 24-hours train ticket to go around Oslo. first stop was Holmenkolen. located a litle bit high from central Oslo, it's a place where the winter olimpic was/will be held for ski jump.

then we went to Oslo Sentral. Iie took us around the city by bus number 30, we didn't have any intention to visit any museum because from the guide book we have, nothing really important to visit (except the noble museum probably). the route ended in this beautiful marina surrounded by 3 museums (that's closed aready by 4 o'clock) so we only took pictures. a bus that supposed to picked us up back to the Sentral passed and we're too busy taking pictures so we missed it. looked like that was the last bus within 30 minutes, so in the end we took fery boat back to Sentral. it was a fun ride, i'm actually happy that we missed the bus. but i don't hink Mia was happy about it.

our original plan was to go to Vigelandsparken after we landed back in Sentral, but thanks to Mia's little incident, we headed back home right away.

Iie and mia cooked after we arrived home, and as usual nobody trust me with my cooking skill so yeah, i just sit around. beetje verveilend maar wat kun ik te doen, heh? i have no point to prove anyway so to avoid just being pajangan in the middle of the room i decided to do one thing i hate the most: dishes.

anywaaaays.. after dinner we went to Kiwi to buy salmon, because i'm craving for it. and Iie bought us this cup Noodle. can you read the name of it? it's Mr. Lee noodle.

my conclusion about Oslo is, this is the kind of city that makes you feel blessed and lucky when you got a chance to visit it, but if you don't, you don't really missed anything. it's good but well, it's very expensive. i honestly have no idea what will happen to us if we don't have a place to stay.

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