#28. Prague - Milan

It's a relieve to know that Prague only has one airport, really made things easier because they provided good public transportations. When we got into the bus stop that'd take us to the airport, a whole bunch of other backpackers were also lining up with us. It was a nice thing to look at, because we share the same kinda way to travel.

According to experience, Easyjet was waaaaaaay better than Ryanair. The sevice was not that 'cheap' and the flight was actually smoother, execpt when we're about to land, the plane rocked right and left and later that I know that that'd happened to every flight from every airlines landing in Italy area. Everything supposed to end smoothly if only I didn't forgot my jacket. I left my jacket in the cabin and had to wait for more than an hour to get that back from the lost and found team.

Bought our ticket to the city and to be honest I felt like we're in Jakarta already. The building, the mess, almost the same. Milan didn't really look like a city I have in my mind when I heard it. I thought it'll be high class city with boutiques everywhere, but to me it was almost like a trip to 'kota tua' in Jakarta.

We met Eva and went staight to her place to put our bags, then we headed out for pizza. So there was this famous pizza parlor in Milan (according to eva's info) and they only serve one kind of pizza, Margareta. We ate it and good God! It tasted great. The mozzarella cheese literally melt and beleberan from the plate.

We called it a day, I like Italy, I like the language and I like the people.. All you need to do just nod along, saying 'si' and laughed because everything they said sound funny.

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