#44. Zaandam

i went to the city near my uncle's place called zaandam. i ran out of credits in my OV-card. let me explain. to travel by train--usually to get to another city--with OV-card in the Netherlands you have to have at least 20 euro credits in it. i don't know why, but i know that i could get fined for more than 50 euro if i insisted on taking a train with limit under 20 euro. i'll leave the country in 5 days so i might as well be wise on what to buy, so i didn't add more credits to my OV-card and chose to travel by city bussed instead (with busses you can travel with at least 1.20 euro in your OV-card).

zaandam has changed since the last time i went here. last year it was Sunday and almost looked like a dead city, but today's very crowded. not as crowded as Amsterdam but the kind of country-side crowded.

that picture i attached here was a famous new landmark of zaandam. last year it was there, but it's not finished just yet. this time i figured out that it's a hotel. with the city center, train station, and bus station under it. i bet that's a pricey hotel.

one other thing i love with riding with bus: it stops right in front of my uncle's alley. with train i have to walk 20 minutes to the train station, with bus i just need to ngesot to get home.

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