#29. Milan

Material connection was the main reason why we're here. If Mia wasn't planning on going to Milan, maybe I wont come here, but I kinda like the city anyway so it's okay. Material connection is a kind of library for materials. It's not huge but as far as i'm concern if I went there when I was doing my final project, I don't think i'd have any problem convinving any teachers about my lightweight material. I bought 4 books about material here, worth the price but I don't know whether my backpack could handle it or not.

After material connection we went to Duomo. Eva said that it's place we have to see if we're in Milan. Now we're talking. Duomo fitted the image of Milan I have in mind. The street full of Bvlgari, LV, Armani, Ferrari and stuff that name i'm sure you're familiar with. I said to Mia, we wont be able to shop here anyway so just walk though it take pictures and go home.

We ended up with 3 shopping bags each on our way home.

It's not Italy without pasta, we bought ready made pasta yesterday and cooked it tonight. It was tortelini and I liked it. Maybe it'll taste much better in a real Trattoria but the instant one was good enough for us.

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