#43. Utrecht

to waste some time i planned to get out of Amsterdam and try to visit another city. my options were Den Haag, Rotterdam or Utrecht. i checked my OV-card balance and the credits i have left only enough to take me to Utrecht.

this city located in the Sout-East of Amsterdam and took about 30 minutes non-stop ride in a fast train. once i stepped out of the platform i already found myself stranded in a huge "mall". as usual i visited H&M first, simply just to browse stuff, i'll buy them later when my days are almost over with whatever money i have left.

after window shopping, i got out of the mall and went to the centrum. this city looks slightly like Amsterdam but got a different aura to it. it's more quite. the famous thing about this city was the domerak (it's a tower, almost like a church tower) and i went for it. i planned on climbing it but too bad, it's only open for tour. and i need to sign up for that tour, and it wil last for about an hour. i don't really like being in 'tour' so i continued my journey around the city.

i miss Mia really. i mean, travelling alone doesn't suck, it's just boring. to put it in correct word: mati gaya!

so after wandered around for 3 hours i stepped into febo to ate Kroket, then i went home.

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