#20. Oslo

while we were "touring" yesterday, i saw Marimekko store along the way so we decided to visit it first thing in Oslo. We couldn't afford anything except postcards, so we bought it and took off. Remember the park we were planning to go to yesterday? well, today we went for it. Vigelandsparken is a park full of statues made by Vigeland himself. the statue mostly about people doing people stuff like having children, sex, playing, anything about people intimate activities. The park was beautiful. some of the trees are still brown and some are green, well it's the kind of thing that looks very great in your eyes but your camera resolution failed you.

next stop was Opera House. The concept was almost similar to Sidney Opera House, by the sea and people can hang around near it but what i like was the fact that there was an installation of iceberg about 80 meter from the main building, and during winter, people will skate or walk on the frozen ice to go around that iceberg installation.

Uky picked us up, he promised to take us to Drammen. now this was spectacular. we climbed up to the top of the hill via spiral tunnel built under it (okay, random explanation) imagine you go into a tunnel from the foothill and you go around in a spiral--inside the tunnel--(just like when you're looking for a parking spot in ITC) then suddenly you're out of the tunnel and you're already on top of the hill. the view was spectacular too, this was the closest place we could reach to see Norway like its postcard.

went to Chinese food afterwards and a little picture session by the river then home. tomorrow will be our last day here, we'll catch a night bus to Stockholm.

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