#31. Venice

Rain storm. Seriously rain storm in Venice. We did check the wheather for today and yes, it said raining, but without the storm. Because our hostel has a rule about a lock-out between 10 a.m to 13.30 p.m we had to leave the hostel anyhow. So we're stranded on st. Marco's square, wet, and longing for a small cafe to sit in to wait for the storm. McD, our great sponsor located in the other land and to get to that land we must get into a boat first, so we agreed to find a little cafe near st.marco's square. We found it. It's a cute little place called 'the indian place' but the poeple in it are no Indians, they all Italiano. We ordered our drinks and write postcards.

Turned out the rain didn't stop until 13.00 so we went out of the cafe anyway and went souvenir shopping. Honestly, it's still fun. we didn't espect to get hit by rain storm in Venice, but it's still fun anyway, we got to experience the sunny day and the rainy one.

After souvenir shopping the wind was just kinda unbearable so we decided to go home and planned to go out again in the evening. Of course the rain gotten worse and yes, we ended up ordering pasta in the hostel cafetaria which tasted great and we still got a chance to watch the sunset (yep, the sun decided to shine at 9 p.m).

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