#24. Copenhagen

Our hostel was the 180 degrees the opposite of the one in Stockholm! The reception was very friendly and the place was huge. Well, that huge that they could fit in 32 people in one room, but surprisingly we still got our privacies. The only bad thing bas the shower that was dirty, but other than that everything was okay (well, the sheet was a bit dirty too, but I brought my kain bali so I had no problem at all)

Everyone we asked that's been to Copenhagen said that the city is beautiful, and I didn't know if it was just a wrong timing or maybe because we're just ashtonished by Stockholm we thought the city was just okay. We're overexpected it. One thing for sure, it's the most expensive city we've visited (and later we talked to the hotel manager he admitted that too. Denmark was the most expensive within the Scandinavia).

We explored the city by foot only. First stop was Danish Design Center. I has collection of Danish designs and I was very happy to see them. Almost 80% of the designs exhibited there were familiar for me. It's what Scandinavian design is all about: simple, to the point, functional, fun.

After that we're hungry and we saw KFC! KFC is barang langka in Europe, and after we went through some days without real hot meals we're kinda craving for it. Buuuutttt forget about that. It's too pricey for chickens!! I'm talking about (i'll convert it in US Dollar) $15 just for A chicken and another extra $5 for french fries. So we went to burger king instead for a $4 chicken burger.

Walked through Strøget, the famous shopping street in Copenhagen just to found out they're closed on Sunday. Thank god the souvenir shop was open although I have to admit the stuff aren't as cute as the stiff from Stockholm, but I bought some stuffs for my mom of course, she's collecting fridge magnets. At the end of Strøget was another famous port called Nyhavn (later that we knew from our hostel manager, Marco that it means 'new port') and this place is the kind of houses on the side of canal with cute little windows and bright collered wall that i'm sure will look great in sunset. Since our timing was wrong, the sun shone right above our heads and we saw very little beauty of Nyhavn.

Iie ngebekelin a lot of rice for us, so finally we decided to cook! We bought saussages (hopely halal, since we picked it up at the chicken section) and frozen vegetables. Believe me, even that saved us some money for food that still cost a lot just for a simple meal. Rice tasted great after a while, we're pure Indonesian. We need rice to live and survive.

At night we hung out at the back yard for coffee when Marco came out for ciggaretes, we ended up talking about Copenhagen and other countries he had visited. He's an old bald man that has a very charming charisma, and it was really great sharing some experiences, he wanted to know how's life in Indonesia, how chaotic it is and he also told us about his experiences of being abroad for years to a lot of countries. One thing i love about our talk, he made me realized how much i love my country and culture (i know i love them but i've never really been thankful about it. now i do.)

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