#21. Oslo

Because mia hasn't had a good sleep for 2 days, she didn't look very well today so we spent the whole morning and day time at home, packing for tonight and. In the afternoon Iie came home with an enganggril (literally translated one-time grill) a portable grill for a quick picknic that you can throw away once you're done with it. We went to KalvØya, a sea nerby (5 minutes away from home).

The weather was nice, sunny and warm when you're expossed by the sun but super cold when you're under shadow. I dipped my feet in the water and it really felt like dipping your feet in a cold water plus ice block. We grilled our saussages and 3 hours later we went home. But we left a little goodbye present for KalvØya, a burned square on its grass (apparently enganggrill was prohibited in the grassy part, but we didn't read Norsk so)

Leaving for stockholm tonight by swebuss.

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