#23. Stockholm - Copenhagen

Checked out early because the hostel has a very strick rule and if we ignore it they will charge us fo 22m SEK so we'd better hurry up and got out. I'll give my review about the hostel later.

We strolled along Drottinggatan the shopping street in Stockholm and came to each and every cute store we could find. I said to Mia that I must buy a new normal shoes because the weather started to get warmer and my boots stink. We went souvenir shopping and I was happy because I could buy my parents quite great souvenirs, I also shopped at H&M for a grand total of 320 SEK (around 32 euro). I'm a shopping bitch today. After I shopped my last big money, turned out I still have 143 SEK left and finally I decided to buy DALA HORSE that i've been wanted since I saw it on IKEA 2001 catalogue. So at this moment i'm left with 4 SEK and that costs nothing, not even a trip to the loo.

We met a huge mass of little labil teenager wearing purple clothing brought banners along with them and they screamed. We were curious so we followed them. Turned out they're Bieber's fans. We came to a conclution that they did whatever it was they're doing so that JB will visit Sweden for a concert. Good luck guys!

Now here comes the hostel review. In every hostel we stayed, they always allowed us to drop our bags and hang around until the time we have to go for our busses even after we checked out. That didn't happen in Stockholm hostel apparently. They strickly told us not to hang in the hostels kitchen or reception because the people who are paying for their rooms tonight might need to use the common room. So yeah zero point for hospitality.

In that consequences, we went to the nearby park, looked for a spot that shown by the sun and we just lay down for two hours until the sun hide behind the building. And as usual, our rescue place was Mc.D (i need to write a special thanks to Mc.D someday) thank god Mia was still rich enough to buy a cup of latte.and yes, at this very moment, we still have 2 hours left to trash ourselves. Wish us luck.

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