#30. Milan - Venice

It's been a month!!

We took the train to venice and by two and a half hour we're in Venice already. I saw from afar how venice was and once we crossed the bridge and entered venice I litterally act like kid travelling to Disneyland. Call me mellow or anything but one of the reason this city is in my 'things to do before I die' list was because of my curiousity of its beauty. Venice didn't let me down. It is beautiful. And romantic.

Our hostel located abit far away from the main land so we had to get a 'bus'. 'bus' meant boat. The city built on water and there'd be no use having a car here. I grin all the time we're on the boat. Everything just cutely different. The system's different, the gas station's different, the workshop's different. Everything they built adjusted to the needs of travelling on water and that's just something nice to see.

After we checked in we went to st.Marco square just to be astonished even more by this city. The canal, the gondola, the cafes, even the pengamen are just great. I don't know how else to describe it. I had the moment before tears due to happiness here. Everything you saw on TV or internet about Venice are true. It is that beautiful (word count beautiful, I used it a lot).

After we saw enought of the city and it's gotten dark anyway, we went home and agreed to go souvenir shopping tomorrow. So goodnight venezia!


walking in tarra's mind said...

emang lit..venice kereeen banget!! semuanya perfect. bener kata lo pengamennya pun keren. hehe.
lo ke toilet di centrumnya ga? mahal banget 2 euro hanya untuk pipis aja hehehe..

LITYA said...

Wah gw dapet harga yg udah di 'diskon' brati tar, gw bayar 1.50.. Dan tepat disamping pintu masuk wc ada vending machine kopi, dan si kopi cm 70 cent!! Kopi sm pipis mahalan pipis.