#33. Rome - Vatican

As any normal tourist, we visited one of the major sight in Rome, Colleseum. I'm a hostel princess! So far in our journey, i successfully picked good hostels with good location and good price! And yeah, mia just had to admit that. She's the transport queen and i'm the hostel princess. Nice team work. Anyway, the Collesium located only 7 minutes walk from our hostel so we could just use our feet.

First sight of this building was great. I haven't really research the story behind it but i know the main story of what this building (now ruins) was for. We went around and decided to enter. It's fricking €12 but we paid anyway, never knew when we'd got a chance to visit this site again. I got to tell you that the inside looked like every picture you saw, but i'm not sure if it looked the same as the one in Gladiator movie. The building itself was quite complicated and from the diagram provided in the 'galery' i saw how it used to be like. It's true they put wild animals as a trap bellow the main field. On our way out, we saw a group of gladiators in front of the building. Thir purpose was to 'take a picture together' Mia and i took turn to take pictures with them, dressed as Cleopatra being fed up some grapes from the gladiator. What i love the most about this group (a lot of gladiators offering pictures but this group's the best) they also have ABAH Paus Paulus in the picture!! :D

After collesium second major sight in Rome: Vatican.
Although i don't go to church, but st. Peter basilica wowed me (is that even a word?). The decoration was so complex and lux. I'm no fan of religious paintings but the one displayed here was just awesome. While we were there, some 'jemaat' were having their masses and they sing in the local language and i got goosebumps. It's a true amazing experience. The cute part about this place was the guard. They called 'the swiss guard' and if you think the queens's guard in London has riddiculous outfit then you should check out the swiss guard's outfit.

Vatican is a country in a city, and one thing i love about it was the fact they have their own mailing system! Yep. Poste Vaticane!! I think that's cool. Too bad i'm affraid my mail wont be delivered to my friends back at home so i didn't send them anything from here (despite the super pricey stamp) but i did purchace one postcard with 'abah' (paus paulus--the one that passed in 2005) and a rosario as a gift for my aunt.

the last thing to visit today was Fontana Di Trevi. we were looking for it this morning and couldn't find it. we stop at the Metro stop stated 'fontana di trevi' but once we came out we didn't see a fountain we usualy see in pictures. it was just a mermaid-ish fountain. Mia suggested to throw our coins anyway but i refused. i asked some mas-mas near Vatican later on where the fountain actualy was and he pointed it out right away in our map (while he was also dancing to the music in his stall). so the metro stop was right, only the fountain that was wrong. we had to walked 5 blocks to get to the real fountain.

I really love Italy. And Italian. I mean, according to my eyes, the British guys are more good looking than Italian, but i have to admit Italian guys are funny and charming. There're nice people to chat with, and even if they tease you, you wont feel played because they keep the jokes universal. For sure i'd love to go back to Italy, especially Venice. :D

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