#22. Stockholm

A seriously beautiful city! I remember that I said Edinburgh was the best i've seen so far, well now I changed my mind. Stockholm is the most beautiful for now (maybe i'll change my mind again). We arrived at 6-ish and tried to get ourselves coffees but we didn't have any Swedish Kroner but thank god there was atm.

We found our hostel, check in and headed straight to the reason why we're here: IKEA. It's quite a challange really. Our hostel receptionist gave us a clue, but once got in the station she mentioned, the other information lady we asked told us to go to another direction, then we had to dropped ourselves in yet another station just to be told to go to another different direction. So finally we tried to do it the traditional way: map. The last time Mia checked Ikea's website the address is Vasagatan 18, and it close to our place, so we went by foot to it.

We were looking for a blue building with huge yellow letters in the middle of the city (quite confused because we knew that Ikea usually located outside the city) and finally, we saw it. IKEA. Vasagatan 18. It's a bus stop. We had to take a shuttle to go to real Ikea. Despite all the great memories of finding ikea, I just need to say this: I was in ikea in Stockholm, Sweden! And it's huge! 3 levels showroom and a basement for storage. We felt like kindergartens going into the zoo. We bought ourselves 2 little (very little) pillow costed 7 SK for our never ending bus ride later.

In the afternoon we went to one of the island in Stockholm called Gamla-Stan. i love Stockholm!!


Maya Prasasto said...

Lit. I can't express how happy/jealous I am of you.

LITYA said...

I know that i'm THAT lucky at this moment!! :D