#40. Delft - Gouda

my original plan was to go to IKEA to shop there. it's been a ritual of mine actually, to go to ikea and shop until my lugage can't handle it. so i went to the centraal station then continued with metro number 54 that'd take me to Bullewijk.

two stations before Bullewijk the metro stopped and all passangers asked to leave the train. turned out thereƩ something wrong with the metro system and they decided to stop it altogether. i asked one guy how to get to Bullewijk and he said i have to return to Amstel station and take bus from there. one thing i'm not really familiar with the Netherlands transportation system was the busses. there're too many and too complicated (compare to the trains and metros) for me.

in the end i texted my Dutch friend Ron wheter he's free today and he said he was. i went to delft instead.

In Delft, i honestly have no idea what to do, Ron didn't know what to do so he adviced us to go to Gouda to visit his parents. i've never been to Gouda before so i think that's a good idea.

we visited his dad in his garage, his dad has this 'bussiness' of camping van that he remade from Citroen something. he saved off the rust, rebuilt it, give it a paint job, and ta-da! new van called "My's Mooi".

then we went grocery shopping. Ron has an Indonesian girlfriend and i think he's totally in love with Indonesia. everytime he cooks he'll cook something in Dutch ingredients mixed with Indonesian taste.

anyway, he suggested me to spend the night there, since he invited me for a BBQ in his house in Delft, but i forgot my nose spray and i could literally suffocate without it. i went home.

thanks guys, thanks for having me today.. see you when i see you

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