#27. Prague

Old town square was the first place we're headed for. It's a famous place (according to my Eyewitnes Travel book) because of its atronomy clock. Prague is a cute city, and the architecture was so intense. They payed that much attention to the buildings and under the right light you can really see how magnificent it was. Some buildings have golds on top of them and i'm pretty sure it's real gold.

The city was tippical European city, with 3 to 4 stories building stand next to each other with little windows in the narrow street. And the street was of course full of tourists. We tried one of czech steet food which name I forgot. It's bread that has bis hole in it, and you can choose your own topping. We chose Nutela.

I boght some stuffs in the souvenir shop that are very cheap, and then walked accross the famous Charles Bridge. This is the kind of moment that's overwhelming for me. I've always wanted to see Prague and always wanted to see Charles Bridge. And to have it right under my feet was just unbelievable.

We crossed from the old town to the Little Quarter area. There're 4 towers lining from the Little Quarter area to the Old Town area and each tower has one person that will play a horn every hour. The interesting thing was, it started from the first tower in the Little Quarter side, continue to the Charles Bridge Tower Little Quarter side, then to Charles Bridge Tower Old Town side and ended at the Astronomy tower in the Old Town side (i'll draw a map later, I know the explanation is too random)

A little rest at the Kampa Island and went to see the Dancing Square then we're planning to see Kir-something fountain. Again, we're lost. So we decided to call it a day and just go home to repack our bags and take some rest. (it's very hot here I thinik we could be sick from the heat.)

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