#26. Berlin - Prague

We got a chance to see more of Berlin, in the morning we decided to go to the East-Side Gallery. This the longest remining of the one that used to be the Berlin Wall. It's located in front of the Ostbanhof. We walked through the wall, this is now a wall with lots of graffity on it (but not he messy ones, the good ones) some of the art was okay, some silly and some are really great. One thing missing was Oom Adolf himself, I think it was forbidden even to say his name on the wall.

At the end of the wall, there was one of the Checkpoint Charlie we were looking for yesterday so we hurried to go inside and asked the lady behind the counter to stamp our passport. She saw our passport and sudenlly "oh, orang Indonesia, yah jangan di passportnya, nanti dapet masalah di imigrasi." turned out she's an Indonesian that lives in Berlin since 2003. She came from Medan. I think she was very happy to see us and able to speak her mother language. She gave us a nice discount for a postcard with the whole checkpoint charlie stamps on it. Yeaayyy!

As usual, we had to run for our train. I haven't found a postbox for my postcards and we're seriously running out of time. The backpacks started to get heavier and lucky me, on the way to the Haufbanhof I found a postbox. So I was able to send my postcards from here. Catched our train to Prague just in time. Bye Berlin.


Mia was kinda sick because the extreme change of wheather. We're arrived at Prague and had nooooo idea where we were. Berlin was easier for me because Germany has the same roots as Dutch for its writting, but Czech's root was Russian so yeah, the kind of language my dad will say 'nggak bunyi bahasanya'. Oh, one other thing people barely speak English here, so we did what every lost tourist did: body language. Even to explain 'airport' I had to made a gesture of a plane landing with my hands.

After being lost for almost two hours, we finally found our hostel. It's far away from the city on the bad side, but on the bright side IT'S A HOTEL. a private twin room with private bathroom. Breakfast included. And only €15 each for two nights. Great huh?! Mia took this luxury to rest her sick body.

Czech was cheap compare to other countries that use Kroner. It's seriously cheap. I change my €70 and got more than 1300 czech kroner. And I could really buy a lot of stuff with that. Due to its cheapness (is that even a word?) we went grocery shopping again. This time we couldn't cook but we could buy a lot of breads, milk, yoghurt and fruits. I even got myself two mini tiramisus.

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