#37. Paris - Amsterdam

My story today was "wine hunting." let's say i'm curious with "wine X" and i've came into each wine shop i could find in Italy and Paris to find it. it's French white wine from a special region which apparenntly only sold in Bordeux, French.

i was desperate i finally bought one white one as a gift for my Uncle and Aunt back in Holland and bought the red one for myself. But i didn't gave up just yet.

We stopped at McD and found internet connection, so i tried to google the wine. SOMEBODY SELL IT IN PARIS!!! so i searched the address and google map it right away. i took 3 metros to get to the station. walked in a wrong direction for 4 blocks, then another 4 blocks of a wrong direction. finally found the seller.

i came, waited and showed the guy the picture of "Wine X". he replied in French that i understood completely (don't ask me how i could understood all that), he said "yeah, that's the king of wine, one of the best wine from France. we sell it but you have to order it before. we don't have that wine today. sorry."

at least i tried each and every way i know best to get it, if i didn't get it, it wasn't because i didn't try hard enough but because it wasn't available.

one day, i will drink that wine! just wait, i will find it (not on Ebay) and i will drink it!!!

anyway, this is my last day with Mia. we came to the same bus station, but it's weird that we had two different boarding cards. she left for London, i left for Amsterdam. it'll be a weird bus ride without her beside me--for i already get used to sleep next to her for a month.

so Mia and I had went through:

12 Countries

18 Cities

10 Bus Stations

8 Train Stations

8 Airports

without any quarell, without any catfight. we didn't hate each other. she's a nice companion and i'm glad that i was travelling with her!! till next trip!!

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