#34. Rome - Barcelona

We used the time left in Rome to visit Basilica del Popolo. The bad thing about travelling more than 10 countries in a month is you'd lost interrest in the end of your trip (especially the last countries) and although we tried to make the most of it, lots of time we spent just to sit around and enjoy the atmostphere. So, we spent some time in the park above this basilica then decided just to go to roma termini to book shopping.

At around 3 we already back at our hostel and ready to picked up our bags. We had to take a shuttle to go to Ciampino Airport and the journey itself would be a 40 minutes trip outside Rome. According to our time schedule, we'd be in the airport on time before bording time.

We were right. We arrived, checked our bags in (my bag hasn't past the weight limit, which was 15 kg) and we spent sometime outside to sunbath before we really had to be boarded. Now i've said before that Ryanair didn't have a fixed seating so everybody had to line up before entering the plane and they'd run to the plane once it's ready. We're in line for about half an hour then suddenly a lady's voice in the intercom announced something in italian. But we did catch one word of what she was saying. The plane's delayed. We're looking to a couple behind us, hoped they were italian and understood what that really meant, but turned out they were spanish. But the guy finally came to the desk to ask, and what the lady in the intercom really said was 'the plane to barcelona's delayed and the passangers will be able to board to plane on 22.15. Which was two and a half hours! Seriously, i don't mind the price for the plane ticket but the service, dear God!

So yeah, we're too far from Rome and we had nothing to do exept writting in our diaries and pissed out. When it's time for boarding the gate's changed so the whole passenger ran to a different direction and it was a real chaos. The worst part was the announcement only spoken in italian, no english whilst there're lots of spanish and other people from the countries that don't speak italian. But we're on the flight anyway in the end, and i got a change to email the hostel regarding our unpunctuality to them (they have curvew) thank god they said it's okay and the doorman will open the door for us.

See you in barcelona, at around 1 a.m maybe, if we're lucky.

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