#38. Amsterdam

the schedule on my ticket said i'll arrive in Amsterdam at 6.30 but when i awoken at 5.00 i'm already at Den Haag and that's really close to Amsterdam. i have no idea where the guy that sat next to me last night but when i put on my shoes i saw him laying on the bus floor. apparently sleeping in the middle of the aisle was more comfortable to him than sleep in seating position in a cleaner seat.

i got to the station at 5.30 in the morning and bad luck for me it was raining HARD. i had to wait inside the station. i was looking for a coffee shop but there was nothing. coffee vending machine, none. Amstel Station was a small station near Amsterdam so it's not really well equipped. many people waited for the first train (on Sunday the train started to work from 7.30) and they just sleep on the floor. some people really were scary. i kept watching my bags and myself all the time because i had this bad feeling about them, and my instinct usualy right.

at 7.00 a little coffee shop apoened and i ordered a cappucino. i didn't know how i looked like but the lady asked, would you also like something to eat? while offered me a bagel. i refused. i just need my morning coffee.

with 16 kg on your back, around 7 kg extra at the front and 2 bottles of wine on your hand, it's kinda hard to move from one train to another. without any companion to talk to (I miss Mia already) with those burdens just seemed to get heavier. i used my last streght to press the bell on my Uncle's door, got in, took a clean-nice-lux-shower, had a quick breakfast, then passed out.

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