#45. Koog a/d Zaan

it's Sunday and nothing's open here except Amsterdam. my aunt has been reminding me about a family reunion she's having this afternoon, so i planned to stay at home today.

oh but that didn't happened exactly as planned. the girls asked for cheeses as their gifts, my parents wanted the same thing and i haven't got any cheese except for the Camembert i got from French. so i took out the bike and rode to Zaanse Schans.

the wind was blowing very hard (oh, have i mentioned it's windy and drizzly today, the temprature was around 14 degree) i sometime had to stop and get down from my bike otherwise i'll fall. and in the middle of the road the rain fell. rain as in rain, not drizzle. i'm too far from the house, and not yet in Zaanse Schans and basicly i'm just in the middle of nowhere so i had to go forward.

i got the cheese, went home, got a serious headache from the combination of the rain and the wind.

at night as promised, we had a family reunion and it was nice.

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