#36. Barcelona - Paris

one more great thing about our hotel in Barcelona: when we said we needed to check out before 7 o'clock, the nice beautiful receptionist, Laia (the same one that welcomed us the night before) offered us wheter we want the breakfast to be packed as a picnic? dear God, this is the first time ever a hotel actually has this kind of system. usualy when you missed breakfast, you missed breakfast! i recommend this hotel to everybody who's looking for a great place with affordable price: L'esplai youth hostel Barcelona

we cathed our flight to Paris, this time we had no problem at all with Ryanair. remember the cheesy 'cheap' welcome song that the airline plays each time its landed on-time? we got on the on-time flight this time so we got the 'welcome song' again. this time more cheerful because once the "tet-te-re-teet-te-te-teeetttt" (click there!!) played, 5 Spanish guys beside us cheered "OLE'!!" succedeed to brought tears to my eyes and a quite painful stocmacahe. but it's worth the pain, really.

we had to paid 15 euro to get from Beuvais airport to the center Paris. Mia looked at me with "are they kidding? that's expensive" look but i only replied with my flat "welcome to Paris" tone. turned out, the 15 euro we paid was kinda worth it. it's a 77 km ride (i believe it's longer than that) took us more than an hour to get to the center Paris and we felt like we're on a Travel from Jakarta to Bandung.

after a perfect hotel in Barcelona, our hostel in Paris was absolutely the worst one. This hotel was the most expensive we paid for this journey but this one's also the nastiest and least comfortable one. i felt dirtier after taking a shower here than before i did.

We found a restaurant selling chinese food by weight (so you paid for how many gram you have on your plate) and we got this idea to order more and take it Champ de Mars, the huge field in front of Eiffel Tower and have a picnic there. so we went back to the hotel, took my kain bali, then left for Eiffel tower.

We hung around there for about 4 hours and we witnessed some memorable stuffs:

first, there're these all-american girl (well, maybe i used the term wrong here, but it sounds cynical enough for me) 4 of them. they dressed up, super dressed up (they dressed up the way the girls in Gossip Girls do. The Upper East Side style) to the fricking Eiffel tower where everybody just laid around cared about nothing but the tower itself! 3 of them are tiny with firm butts they couldn't stop showing to the boys on the right side. they weren't very noisy, but i heard everything they said. and everything they said sounded stupid. to get to my point, they tried to get a decent picture of each of themselves with the Eiffel tower as the background. the picked a spot under the shadow of the trees. they couldn't stop complaining "oh, it's too dark. no, it's not good, the picture's too dark." it's shadow dear, unless you didn't notice, it is dark. they kept doing that for the next an hour. each and everyone of the probably would have a hundred pictures of themselves in front of the Tower. Stupid and narcists.

second, we couldn't handle the stupid American girls so we decided to move. we ate our food and simply just enjoyed ourselves with the surroundings. then this nice couple came and sat near us. they brought wine and crackers. i could listen to their conversation, and it was a casual nice conversation. Mia and were talking and suddenly we heard this: "really? you wanna be my wife?" and they kissed. at that moment we felt like we've been hit by a truck. i found my voice first and said to Mia "did he just purposed?" Mia only smiled. but we both felt the same thing: we wanted to congratulate them!! because they look like a nice casual couple. but we didn't. we didn't want them to know that we've been listening to their conversation the whole time.

Paris gotten dark and cold (the last one's a bit unexpected) and we couldn't wait until the tower shone. finally it did. after we got what we wanted we went back to our nasty hotel to try to rest.

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